1/8 Champions League final a high-profile match staged at the Emirates Stadium

Beijing early morning of February 20th 03:45, 1/8 Champions League final a high-profile match staged at the Emirates Stadium, A Senna 10 people advocate field 0-2 not enemy Bayern, the first Mesut Ozil and Alabbar both missed the penalty, red Szczesny field, the second half cross and Muller successively for the Bayern Jiangong, retreat Gibbs hurt in the game. The away win Bayern will cut the initiative in their own hands, Arsenal 13 matches unbeaten in all competitions record encounters the end. The banetogo upset again as A Senna starting center, Cazorla and Chamberlain separated the two wings, Sarnia, per Mertesacker, koscielny, Gibbs in defence are lined up, Flamini back, Mesut Ozil and Will Hill in front of him; Bayern as his main play, Rahm, Robben, Martinez, Ge policy comes on stage, Man Giulia Ki Zi up front. As the referee whistle of the start of the race, both sides after the ball quickly organized attack, third minutes, Bayern took the lead in making threats, Beck, Robben sent knocks horizontally, outside the restricted area, left foot volley goalkeeper was flying a single palm resolve. After Arsenal offensive full advantage, eighth minutes, Mesut Ozil restricted area on the left side of the left side and a buckle is small played down, referee decisive blow penalty, but Mesut Ozil himself was playing too is Neuer single palm letter, miss Mesut Ozil has long whistle vent displeasure. Seventeenth minutes, Alabbar in the top left corner of the tactical arc ball to shoot lowly by Flamini put shovel plugging. Bayern in the attack is still the main right, but not just as one wishes in quality. Twenty-third minutes later, Alabbar back errors, Chamberlain forced his way into the restricted area out of shot, Neuer will be out in time to defuse the threat. Thirty-first minutes, the Arsenal hit, Gibbs because of the wound was unable to adhere to Monreal for. Thirty-seventh minutes, cross and pick the restricted area, Robben fast goalkeeper was down, red Szczesny field and blown a penalty, Wenger had to use Lukasz for Cazorla. Forty-first minutes, Alabbar ball hit the goal post outside the pop-up bottom line, Bayern also missed the opportunity to break, after zhanba half stoppage time. The second half both sides Zaizhan easy side, Bayern personnel adjustment to substitute small, Rafinha Boateng. Advantage Bayern won possession, an overwhelming fifty-first minutes, Mesut Ozil free kick into the penalty area on the right side, Koscielny after stopping a shovel shot down confiscated by Neuer. Fifty-fourth minutes, Bayern take the lead, right continuous after Rahm knocked Wang Zhong Lu, the top right cross right around a curve, the ball quickly from the right corner of the goal, 0-1! After Arsenal stand back deep formation in Bayern area of the siege caused. Sixty-fourth minutes, Rafinha pass in the right-sided, Goetze header wide of the right post, then Man Giulia Ki Zi was replaced by Muller. Seventieth minutes, Robben right after the ball inside left pocket shoots the far angle slightly. Seventy-third minutes, Rahm right low kick sweep to the door, the grid plan leaned header by per Mertesacker refraction crab near angle, then Wenger played the last card, Rossi Gideon)